Image via AP.

American astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson, the first woman to command the International Space Station, has broken another record: completing more spacewalks than any other woman.

Dr. Whitson completed the 8th spacewalk of her career on Thursday, as she finished prep work on a docking port of the ISS, according to the Associated Press. Her last successful walk took place in January:

By completing her spacewalk, Whitson broke the former record set by Sunita Williams, at 50 hours and 40 minutes of pure spacewalk time. This is Dr. Whitson’s third trip to space, though she has spent 500 days in total out of earth’s oppressive boundaries. That’s also more than any other woman in history. At 57, she’s also the oldest woman to travel to space. She also has insane guns:


In space, a lot of the walking requires upper body strength.