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UK luxury department store Harrods is opening a special Salon de Parfum boutique (on the sixth floor!), and to mark the occasion, the retailer of some pretty costly perfume went all out to create the world's shiniest and most expensive bottle. It costs £143,000 (or over $228,000 USD). I want to buy it and spray myself with it after taking a Soul Cycle class, just to be that person.


Clive Christian is an upscale retailer that specializes in super fancy interior design including furniture, wall paper, and crystal chandeliers and, of course, perfume. Actually, the company's claim to fame is "The World's Most Expensive Perfume," made from "the most rare and precious natural ingredients from around the world." (That's right, virgin unicorn's blood.)

Their Clive Christian No. 1 is already pretty expensive, somewhere between $300-$800. But the limited edition bottle? Let Daily Mail describe the thing:

Called the No1 Passant Guardant, it uses the perfume house's signature crystal bottle and then ups the ante by covering it in hand-crafted, 24 carat gold lattice-work.

As with all the bottles, the top is a crown shape as the design was created in 1872 and paid homage to Queen Victoria.

But in this case, the gold crown is embedded with flawless white diamonds. In total, there are 2,000 individually set diamonds on the bottle.

Meanwhile, the lion motif on the front is made up of two yellow diamonds, with a rare pink diamond marking out the lion's tongue.


All this for 30 ml. Okay. Well this was great, but I'm going to go lie down for the rest of the day, looking at my Speed Stick with disdain. YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE A LADY.

Image via AP.

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