World Cup Soccer Teams Face Consequences Over Homophobic Fans

Mexico and Brazil's World Cup soccer teams are facing disciplinary action following obnoxious behavior by their respective fan bases, who simply could not resist the urge to yell gay slurs at players from the other teams. But the two Latin American teams aren't the only ones with fan bases full of shitheads who can't control themselves.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FIFA has been trying to combat fan shitheadedness by leveling penalties against teams with fans that insist on being racist or homophobic in their chants and signage. First offense garners a verbal warning, but if fans keep acting like violent toddlers, their beloved teams could suffer point deductions. They mean business.

Mexico's in trouble over fans who yelled "puto" at players from Cameroon. Brazil's in trouble over fans who also yelled "puto" at Mexico's goalie Guillermo Ochoa. "Puto" is a Bad Spanish Swear that means "gay male prostitute."

But the shitheadedness isn't contained to Latin America! Russia fans insisted on toting anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi flags to a match. Same with Croatia. Good one guys. There are like zero Jewish players in the entire World Cup, so I'm not sure who your intended audience for that propaganda would be. In the past, both countries' fans have won penalties for their teams over making racist "monkey calls" at dark-skinned opposing players.

No. All of the world's people are capable of being a rainbow of terrible!

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