Women's Secret Desire To Wear Bras During Sex

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A while back we mocked the movie cliché of women keeping bras on during sex. But according to one survey, half of ladies actually like it that way.


The study, conducted by the extremely scientific outfit MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk and reported in the Telegraph, found that 48% of female respondents preferred to have sex with at least one item of clothing on. The most popular choice was the bra (though we'd like to meet those ladies who get down wearing, say, a top hat) and the most common reason was "to improve body confidence." Men, perhaps unsurprisingly, are way less into ladies wearing clothes, with just 36% saying they prefer it (and just anecdotally, even this seems high).

Perhaps due to a pro-clothing bias, MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk spins the results in a positive way: says marketing director Andy Barr, ''The fact that such a large proportion of women claim to feel sexier with an item kept on suggests that, whilst body confidence might be low, clothes can really improve a woman's self-image.'' Bras can be sexy, and of course there's an argument to be made for doing whatever makes you feel hot. But what bra-wearers may gain in confidence they lose in nipple-access, and it's kind of a shame if body image issues are getting in the way of women's fun. Top hats, of course, are another story.

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48 percent is high but from my personal experience a fair number of women do want to keep at least one article of clothing on during sex.

Here, based on my completely anecdotal experience is a list of what they like to keep on, listed from most common to least:

1. Bra. (This seems to happen with women who are concerned that their breasts are too large, too small or oddly shaped. No amount of telling them that you care more about them than their boobs will help. Even assuring them that, like me, you like all boobs doesn't help.)

2. Panties. (Pushed to the side for sex. As far as I can tell this is a kink thing and not a body issue thing.)

3. Skirt. (Favored by girls who like to be on top and like to have sex in non traditional places.)

4. Leg wear. (I don't know the term for this type of garment. The things with seams and pretty patterns that clearly cost a lot of money.)

5. Shoes. (Only been with two girls with this thing going on, but both would only have sex when they had just bought new shoes and insisted on wearing them during sex.)