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Women With Dogs Can Be Crazy.

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Breaking down the whole women love cats while men prefer dogs stereotype is a new study, which found that women are often closer to their canine companions than men. Should we be surprised?


The Daily Express reports that the survey, commissioned by a dog food company, found that women are far more likely to confide in their dogs. While only 10% of men tell their dogs their "darkest secrets," double that number of women admitted to treating their puppy like a therapist. Most dog owners describe their pet as a "trusted companion," but a full third called them their "most loyal partner."

This is all pretty standard pet-owner stuff, but they also found this crazy statistic: 14% of female dog owners believe that their dog can read their mind. I would normally give these women the benefit of the doubt — let's say they meant that metaphorically? — but I've known enough crazy pet owners to believe their findings. And, in a sense, maybe they're not that crazy. Of course, dogs can't really understand what's going on in our heads, but they sure do have a knack for picking up on emotions, as most "dog people" will tell you. Unlike cats, who tend to come and go as they please, affectionate dogs are always affectionate - and in a time of need, this may seem like a calculated bid for your love.


But there remains one troubling question: why are women so obsessed with their pets? Or, maybe more appropriately, why do we think women are so much closer to their animals? While I can't give a solid answer, I suspect it has something to do with how we talk about our relationships, both with people and with pets. Often, women are better equipped to discuss emotions (and encouraged to act more nurturing in general) and sometimes that might just boil over to our pets.

One-Fifth Of Women Tell Secrets To Their Dogs [Daily Express]

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Dogs may not be able to 'read your mind', but it is pretty obvious they are often extremely in tune with your feelings, and your physical state as well. Many, many dogs comfort their owners when they are upset or sick, many dogs can sense illness before you even feel it, and many dogs know when to do something we find silly or funny to break tension.

This is not imaginary. Dogs are pack animals- they know how to work social situations to smooth things over. You cannot be a social animal and not be at all concerned with how your pack is faring, how the dynamics of the relationships work, etc.

We are family to these dogs, and usually the most important part of their lives. It is intelligent and ensures their 'place' for them to work with us and make us happy.

And I firmly, 100% + believe that dogs (and cats, too) can love you, and other animals. To say otherwise is to have never owned an animal or watched them interact with one another.

and that is all.