Women Who Kept Human Skeleton for Sex Is Somehow Declared Sane

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Boning! Who doesn't love it? One woman in Sweden loves the sort of boning that gets you arrested, as she was apparently using human skeleton parts to have sex and then make CD's about the undiscovered joys of necrophilia. Okay, guys, we did it. We found a crazier, weirder thing than the Petraeus scandal. Who still uses CD's?

Authorities seized a human skull, a human spine, and dozens of miscellaneous bones from the 37-year-old woman's Gothenburg apartment, along with CD's the woman made documenting the experience of copulating with the bones. They also found drills, body bags, and pictures from inside the morgue stored in a secret compartment. There's no evidence that she was stealing from the morgue, though.

The woman was first arrested back in September, according to Raw Story, and during a preliminary hearing, a court found her sane to stand trial. The woman claims she did nothing wrong, but prosecutors say that she sold human bones over the internet and wrote about her necrophilia fetish on the web. In Sweden, "violating the peace of the dead" is a crime that could get violators up to 2 years in Swedish jail. (Swedish jail is an Ikea.)


Serious question: given the absence of evidence that she stole from the morgue, how do they know this women was not actually killing people? This reminds me of the beginning of a very literal episode of Bones that ends at a heavy metal concert.

[Raw Story]

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