Today The High Ends, a new website devoted to highlight and further normalize women stoners, launched with a teaser video of extremely cool ladies—an assortment of movers and shakers including chefs, models, singers and writers—lighting up their Js.

Over the coming days the site, begun by Ashley Brooke and Tahirah Hairston, will showcase longer videos of each of these women “talking about everything from why they smoke to ‘first time’ stories, all to highlight the idea that smoking is universal and to break stigmas around what it means to be a woman stoner,” says Hairston. Later on, The High Ends will launch a newsletter, but right now I’m feeling pretty inspired by this video—not just to enjoy 4/20 (let’s be real, I haven’t smoked weed in like, 10 years) but to step up my beauty game. The nails and accessories in this thing! Tree is truly the most glamorous... herb.