Women Rowers in Venice Are Using Gondolas to Deliver Groceries

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Image: AFP

Italy has been hit especially hard by the covid-19 pandemic, and the entire country has been in lockdown for nearly a month and a half. But one group of women is using their gondola-rowing skills to help their community, by delivering groceries to the elderly and immunocompromised.


Wearing masks and gloves, these women rowers have been traveling through the canals of Venice to deliver groceries, and some have even been working with local farmhouses to deliver organic produce and other goods to their customers. The women are part of a nonprofit organization called Row Venice, which is dedicated to preserving the traditional Venetian style of rowing. Many of them actually have backgrounds as championship rowers or athletes.

In a recent Instagram post, Row Venice wrote:

“We hope this is a reminder to everyone of the alternatives Venice has for transportation of both goods (and people!), even after this crisis has passed.”

I, personally, would love to be transported everywhere in gondolas rowed by strong women.

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