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Women More Worried About Money Than Men

A new study conducted by Citigroup found that women and men are both negative about the future of the American economy and their own prospects, but that women have gotten much more Negative Nancy since the onset of the financial crisis.

Researchers speculate that women may be taking a turn for the dour because, as a group, they tend to be more risk-averse, more in tune with family finances, and more aware of the cost of daily expenses like groceries and gas.



Clements points to two subgroups of women who are especially pessimistic: women with only a high school degree and women aged 45-64. "Presumably [high school educated women] are going to be the people who have somewhat lower incomes, and therefore the rise in economic spend on staples like gas and groceries are going to hurt them more." He reckons that the older women fall into the categories of the family purchasing department and risk-averse women fearing the increasing global risks.


What say you, readers? Do you find yourself growing more cloudy by the day on the future of the economy and of your future prospects? Or, are you like me and in a constant state of crushing pessimism?

Don't Worry, Be Happy [Forbes]

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Old Jean Gallagher

All I know is that, with only a grocery store job, I making sure that I set aside the money needed to double my savings account by the end of this year and then open a Roth IRA with half of it, seeing as all the Social Security I'm paying into will have vanished by the time I stop working, if I ever can stop working. I'm worried about retirement and I'm 25.

ETA: I'm worrying about and saving specifically for retirement, since I've all but given up any hope of ever owning a home or other stuff that my parent's generation could have generally done.