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Women in Film Launches Sexual Harassment Tip Line

Actor Asia Argento, one of the many women who said Harvey Weinstein assaulted her / Image via Getty
Actor Asia Argento, one of the many women who said Harvey Weinstein assaulted her / Image via Getty

The organization Women in Film is launching a hotline to help women and men in Hollywood report sexual harassment.


The hotline, which launches December 1st, will also be part of an effort that includes a pro-bono legal aid service. Variety reports:

Women in Film said Friday that its Sexual Harassment Help Line and Pro-Bono legal aid panel will be integrated programs to refer men and women in need of assistance to other survivors, designated mental health counselors, law enforcement professionals, and civil and criminal lawyers and litigators. The help line will also serve as a crisis center and centralized information source.


The line was created, Women in Film executive director Kirsten Schaffer says, because their “phones have been ringing off the hook since these harassment stories began to break.”

“We are hearing that victims feel isolated, that there is nowhere safe to go to tell their stories, that they believe they must keep their experiences silent or they will be sued or black-balled and that they feel helpless, fearing the legal costs of trying to do anything about what has happened to them,” she told Variety.

Women in Film’s hotline comes just a day after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced that it was devoting an entire task force to investigating claims of sexual abuse in Hollywood. The NYPD also announced earlier last month that their line was open for tips on Weinstein and the theater where Kevin Spacey was formerly an artistic director, The Old Vic, also set up a confidential tip line after allegations of sexual assault and harassment involving the actor broke.

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