Women Go Under The Knife For Perfect Elf Ears

Fancy yourself a Trekkie or a Lord of the Rings fangirl, do you? Yeah, well, would you go so far as to cosmetically change the shape of your ears just so they make a point at the top? Would you?


If you said yes, be warned that it's not the easiest procedure. Once you decide to go full elf, don't expect to visit a regular doctor. Your options are more along the lines of Steve Hayworth, a man Good Morning America found and interviewed, who considers himself to be a "body-modification artist." Said he, "There's a lot of people out there who have an inner vision of themselves and they want to express that to the world around them. I'm very happy to be an artist that can provide that kind of work."

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Now I'm honestly curious - Piercer/body mod Jezzies: do you have to be licensed to be a body modification artist? Is it like being a tattoo artist where you have to pass a state inspection and be educated in blood-borne pathogens and hygiene, or can anyone with a black and decker drill and some rubber tubing hang out a shingle?

I guess I never gave much thought to body modification before, because getting your belly button or your lip pierced doesn't seem like a big deal, but if someone is going to, like, carve up the cartilege in my ear or, you know, pierce my junk, I guess I'm curious about education, qualification, and standardization in the industry.