Women Get Quietly Photoshopped Into Photo of Exclusively Male Tech Executives

Recently GQ ran a story about a group of major tech players, including Jeff Bezos and company executives from LinkedIn and Dropbox, who met up in an Italian village to hang out with designer Brunello Cucinelli, for some reason. But Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Mac noticed something peculiar about one of the photos used in the article. Mainly, he thought the only two women in the photo, CEO of solar power company Sunrun Lynn Jurich and CEO of Peek.com Ruzwana Bashir, had been Photoshopped in.


Mac found that the photo, which had been posted on Cucinelli’s Instagram account, had been photoshopped to include these two women. A spokesperson for Cucinelli confirmed the suspicion, telling Buzzfeed, “When we realized we didn’t have a shot where all attendees were represented, we added in photos of two female CEOs taken during the weekend.”

The spokesperson added that the photos were shared and approved by all participants including Lynn Jurich and Ruzwana Bashir. While it’s tempting to read this image as everything that’s wrong with sexism in tech, Jurich and Bashir do seem like they’re having a fun time with the whole thing:

Honestly, if I could Photoshop myself into meetings that looked like this, I probably would too.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel


They forgot to photoshop in Black people.