Women Dress Best On Mondays, Can't Be Bothered the Rest of the Week

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A survey of women in the UK found that women put far more effort into their work attire and often choose a more "professional" look on Mondays. But as the week goes by, they incrementally become more and more casual. Via Daily Mail:

"…[A]lmost three quarters of women (74 per cent) choose a smart or formal outfit on Mondays.

However, the 'sliding scale of smart' gradually decreases as the week goes by, with Tuesday seeing 69 per cent dressing to impress, although 32 per cent admit they spend less time on their hair and makeup than they did the day before.

By Wednesday almost half of women (47 per cent) have ditched their smartest outfits, with 65 per cent of these women swapping high heels for much lower ones or even flats at this mid-point in the week."


But by the time Thursday rolls around, women throw a bit more pizzazz into their outfits again, and 70% of them dress up a bit more.

The survey, commissioned by UK chain store Debenhams, might not be totally accurate, but that's definitely how the way I dress plays out in my life. Thursday's usually my morale-boosting day (the poor man's Friday), and I definitely put more effort into how I look. Of course, when you're blogging from the comfort of your own home, everyday is laundry day!

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I stopped giving a shit about what I was wearing around... November. By the time I get into work everything is wet and cold and awful anyway, so what does it matter? My dress pants all have a line of melted salt in them from the walk to work, and all of my sweaters are pill-y nightmares.