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Points for creativity: Agence France-Presse reports that two women have been busted allegedly attempting to smuggle cocaine into Spain—packed tightly under long, curly wigs. Fabulous and functional!


In case you're, uh, in the market for smuggling inspiration, police say the two women (traveling from Sao Paulo, Brazil) divided their illicit cargo into six packages, which they then secured with tape and a black sock. All told each crammed 1.2 kilos—that's 2.7 pounds—underneath her wig.

According to a statement from the cops, this is actually a pretty effective smuggling method, not that you should get any ideas:

"This new method of smuggling narcotics is very elaborate and difficult to detect due to the realism of the fake hair," said the statement issued jointly by Guardia Civil police and the Interior Ministry.

"The packages were perfectly adhered and did not stick out from under the wigs, which made the narcotics imperceptible."


Wonder if I could get some cheap M&Ms into the movies with a Halloween wig.

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