Billboard has named P!nk their 2013 Woman of the Year. During their Women in Music luncheon this week, the pop star spoke about her hope that her ball-busting career has made it easier for little girls who feel like they are different. She also said "fuck" a lot, to which her mother applauded. I love Alecia Moore and her family, yo.

In Billboard magazine, P!nk was also interviewed and asked the obligatory "What does it feel like to be a woman in music today?" question and her answer was pretty great.

It's never been a disadvantage for me. I love being a woman. I love women in music—I love the whole idea of it, I love the cycle of it, I love the different decades of it. One of my greatest advantages was just being myself when I first came out. And then being so polar opposite of every other female that was happening at that moment.

I think it's incredible women are running sh*t. There's not really any males that are at the level of the Beyoncés and the Katy Perrys, except maybe Justin Timberlake. I can't really think of anybody else.

Billboard: Maybe Adam Levine?

Yeah, but still it's not the same thing. So it's really fun to see women just stomp sh*t, drop the microphone and leave. They just keep doing it and I love watching it. And I love what I've been able to do, too. Over the years, the rises and falls. I remember early on Roger telling me, or maybe it was L.A. [Reid]—I can't remember; they're like my two guys—but [they talked about] the roller coaster.

If you're around long enough to have major failures and major success, it's all good. The roller coaster of it at the end is all good. And I look back and I'm like, "Yeah, I've been around, for a pop person, a while." And it has been a roller coaster and it's all good.

I've proven myself as a performer and a touring person. As far as winning a popularity contest or any of the other sh*t, or being a radio darling and all that, probably not. [It's] probably never going to happen for me, but that's OK. Because I can tour for the rest of my life—and I do it well.


"Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen moderated P!nk's live Q+A during the Billboard Women in Music luncheon, watch below:

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