Women Are Being Scared Into Traumatic Breast Cancer Treatments They Don't Actually Need

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Despite its shiny pink public facade, breast cancer is an ugly disease that often leaves its victims disfigured. But at least women who undergo preventative double mastectomies, perhaps the most aggressive response to the disease, can rest assured that they've for sure prevented a recurrence of The Big C, right? RIGHT?


A new study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has found that in 7 out of 10 cases, women who opt to have both of their breasts removed in an effort to prevent recurrence of cancer wouldn't actually get cancer again, which means that women endure the trauma and expense of losing their breasts to prevent recurrence of a disease that won't ever happen. It's like a totally fucked up Gift of the Magi.

Researchers tracked female breast cancer patients who opted to remove both breasts rather than risk the reappearance of tumors and found that recovery from the risky procedure was extremely painful and often took years. Women who opt to have both breasts remove often return home with drainage tubes attached to their bodies and put themselves at risk for infection. Further, the sheer amount of tissue damaged in breast removal necessitates a long, drawn out recovery time.

For some women, preventative double mastectomies make sense — women with specific gene mutations and family histories that basically guarantee they'll get cancer again. But for most women — 70% of those studied — researchers say an absence of gene mutation and close family history meant that all that trauma they put themselves through was unnecessary.

This research seems to dovetail with other recent breast cancer treatment research that has found that overdiagnosis and overtreatment of breast cancer in the US has subjected 1.3 million women to unnecessary, traumatic, and expensive procedures in an effort to "cure" them.

The doctors' findings will be presented at a conference on Friday.

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You know, I'd like to start this comment by saying that I am an educated person who subscribes to a scientific worldview and who has worked in a science lab at a university.

However, I am *extremely* skeptical of mainstream allopathic medicine's response to chronic diseases, especially cancer (as well as heart disease and obesity). I think conventional Western medicine is great for resetting your broken leg in a cast. But treating the underlying cause of disease? Not so much.

From my personal research and experiences, I have concluded that several, if not most, chronic diseases, notably cancer, are caused directly by lifestyle. Lifestyle includes: environment, stress levels, pollution and toxin intake, (mal)nutrition, some medical treatments (certain surgical procedures, vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, etc.), electromagnetic and radio wave exposure, improper prenatal care, improper amounts of time spent outdoors in direct sunlight.

While nothing in life is guaranteed, I feel that taking steps to reduce these lifestyle risks are our best means of preventing cancer. We can not control our genes. We can control to a degree what we put into our bodies. To live in ignorance of the dangers of this world is to take a great risk with one's health. To seek knowledge of natural, effective methods of self-healing is to arm one's self with a fighting chance.

My personal to do list:

Limit and eventually stop completely consumption of the following:

-Fluoridated water (the fluoride they use is not the same kind naturally found in the environment; it is an industrial pollutant by product which is fatally toxic in large doses, and causes brain damage in susceptible populations at smaller doses)

-GMO foods (responsible for tumor proliferation and organ damage)

-Non-organic foods (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides; responsible for endocrine and immune system disruption)

-Processed foods (nutritionally depleted)

-Artificially hydrogenated oils (i.e. trans fats, incredibly damaging to cardiovascular system)

-Soy products (contrary to popular belief, most soy is very unhealthy. Most soy is GMO and processed; even organic soy is hard to digest for humans. Traditionally people in Asia fermented soy as tempeh or tofu to make it more digestible. Soy infant formula has been linked to autism and brain damage as soy contains excessive amounts of manganese which blocks iron absorption. Soy formula should be banned worldwide.)

-Artificial flavors/colorings (damages immune system)

-Modern processed, refined, non-sprouted grains (damages digestive intestinal system, leads to weight gain, improper insulin regulation, and diabetes)

-Tylenol, Advil, etc. (damages the liver)

-Stress (spikes cortisol, causes inflammation)

-Sugar (small amounts of raw honey or molasses and dark chocolate in moderation are OK; coconut sugar is preferable to cane sugar; organic cane sugar is preferable to beet sugar which is almost all GMO)

-EMF and radar exposure (damaging to neurological system; radar linked to childhood leukemia and breast cancer in particular)

-Restrictive clothing and shoes (cuts circulation)

-CAFO animal meats and products (all meat products should be 100% grassfed and pasture-raised)

-Farmed fish and fish products (farmed fish contain MORE mercury than wild fish on average due to the feed used. Farmed salmon contains artificial coloring.)

-Synthetic vitamins (act as mirrors which block vitamin absorption)

-Wearing rubber shoes

-Mercury amalgam fillings (extremely poisonous)

-Toxic chemical cleaning products in office/household

-Microwave cooking (microwaves destroy valuable enzymes in food and change their chemical properties; cooking/heating food in general reduces most foods; nutritional profile, so many foods are better eaten raw or lightly cooked, but microwaves in particular are insidious and harmful)

-Research vaccine safety and efficacy and make an informed decision; preferably eliminate all vaccines, but if not, then at limit number of shots per visit, limit to only the most essential, and do not under any circumstances receive a vaccine while ill or immune compromised

Increase consumption of:

-20-30 minutes outdoor in direct sunlight per day (produce vitamin D)


-Fresh, organic, non-GMO fruits, vegetables, tea leaves, and seeds (anti-oxidant properties mitigate oxidative damage)

-Grounding (connecting to the electromagnetic field of the earth to reduce EMF-related neurological damage)


-Grassfed, pasture-raised meat and meat products

-Wild fish; fish oils (specifically fermented cod liver oil with high-vitamin butter oil - the number 1 supplement for bio-available vitamin A & D; vitamin D3 is the #1 greatest nutritional weapon against cancer)

-Natural mico-algea supplements for water-soluble vitamins, i.e. cholera, spirulina, etc.

-Walking barefoot

-Filtered air

-Filtered water without fluoride

-Diatamaceous earth (chelates and detoxes heavy metals)

While pregnant or lactating:

-Continue positive diet and lifestyle factors outlined above

-Increase consumption of omega 3 fatty acids

-Consume nutrient-dense foods: free range eggs, liver from pasture animals, wild shellfish, wild fish, grass-fed meat, sprouted whole grains, fresh produce, etc.

-Avoid gas stations, cleaning products, and other toxin clusters (if possible)

FYI, I know this is anecdotal, but since adopting a great number of the above (not all, it's a long process that has taken me a year to even get half of this list done) I have:

-More energy

-Better sleep

-Better mental state

-Better health

Literally over the last several months every person in my office has been sick with a cold/the flu. People sneeze, wipe their noses, and touch every imaginable surface in this office. Coworkers have literally hovered over my desk, blown their nose, and thrown their nasty used tissue in my trash can one inch behind me. I am the ONLY one of 10 people to not get sick. I have not gotten sick once since I changed my life - I don't even get headaches any more (one every few months, used to be one a week). Best of all, I feel so empowered and in charge of my own health. I no longer feel like a helpless victim. I feel...hopeful.