Women Are All of a Sudden Scoring Higher than Men on IQ Tests

In the ceaseless competition between the sexes, it's crucial for us all to keep score so that the eventual winner can properly gloat, which is why we should all take note of the fact that as of right the fuck now, women are scoring higher than men on IQ tests. After 100 years of IQ testing, during which women lagged behind men by as much as five whole points, women have quickly surpassed men as the smartest versions of humanity.

Why the reversal? Because men are now less intelligent, it might take me a lot of very intense head-scratching to answer that question, but fortunately James Flynn, IQ testmaster, has already endured his bout with head-scratching and come up with a plausible answer: it has something to do with the complexity of the modern world. "This is a consequence of modernity," Flynn explained to the Telegraph. "The complexity of the modern world is making our brains adapt and raising our IQ." Women, one theory goes, have been supremely prepared for this modern juggling act because they've had to balance raising families with career ambitions. Another theory supposes that women have really had a greater IQ potential all along and it's only with greater access to more and varied outlets for their latent intelligence that accounts for the recent IQ score reversal. Or maybe we're all really dinosaurs and dinosaurs are really people — who really knows, anyway? If we're going to ask anyone, we should probably ask a woman.


IQ tests: women score higher than men [Telegraph]

Image via YuriyZhuravov/Shutterstock.

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