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Women Accused Of Raping Man In Zimbabwe

Illustration for article titled Women Accused Of Raping Man In Zimbabwe

Three women are accused of drugging and raping a man in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe — and it's not the first incident of its kind.

According to RFI, a 26-year-old man says the women offered him a ride, then drugged him with "some sort of alcohol substance on a cloth," raped him, and stole his money and phone. Police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena says this isn't the first female-on-male rape in Zimbabwe this year. In September, two women forced a man to have sex with them — a man apparently aided them by standing guard. And in February, two separate groups of women raped men at gunpoint.

It's not clear whether female-on-male rapes are on the rise in Zimbabwe, or just getting more attention, but these cases should be a reminder that such crimes do happen. Men can be rape victims, and women can be rapists, and all countries need structures in place to help the former and prosecute the latter. Zimbabwe's judicial system apparently hasn't yet caught up — the women in the cases above have been charged with "aggravated assault" because "there is currently no law on the books in Zimbabwe for rape by a woman."


Zimbabwe Man Claims Rape By Gang Of Women [RFI]

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How is he able to "stand at attention" if he's drugged and knocked out cold? I'm assuming there was something in the chemical that was on the cloth?