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Woman's Hero Neighbors Laugh Her Stupid Boyfriend Out of Her Building

Illustration for article titled Womans Hero Neighbors Laugh Her Stupid Boyfriend Out of Her Building

New York City is a crowded place but for one woman on the Upper East Side. This is a good, no, great thing, because her neighbors helped her break up with a no-good boyfriend.


From the New York Times' Metropolitan Diary, where locals tell their business to the Grey Lady, one woman writes that she lives in an eight unit building with thin walls and lots of single people. One female resident had a particularly tumultuous relationship with her French boyfriend. They'd fight, argue, sometimes he'd end up sleeping in the hallway and all of the residents could hear ... and have to step over him on the way to work. Then one day, the Frenchman pushed his luck too far.

Late that evening he could be heard pounding on her door. No amount of pleading or threats would persuade her to let him in. At one point he shouted: "Keeemberleee I love you! Open zee door or I will keel myself!"

Suddenly, as if on cue, an outburst of laughter could be heard ringing from all the apartments throughout the entire building. Quickly followed by an embarrassed silence and the sound of footsteps descending the stairs.


Dear New York, I love you.

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