Woman's Body Found At British Music Festival Site

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Bestival music festival, headlined by Pet Shop Boys and XX, ran from Thursday through Sunday in Dorset this week. Early on Monday, the body of a 25-year-old woman was found nearby among the trees on the Lulworth estate, a museum and 17th century mock-castle.


The BBC reports that Dorset police were called at about 1 a.m., when people familiar with the woman became concerned about her whereabouts. The arena had been temporarily evacuated on Sunday evening because of high winds in the area, and according to the Guardian, it is now cordoned off entirely as investigators comb the area.

An unnamed 28-year-old man has been arrested “under suspicion of murder,” which officers say is only to enable them to “conduct an interview under caution to help establish the full circumstances.” Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Derbyshire has asked anyone with information to contact police, but details are sparse.

“Following the discovery of the woman’s body we have now launched an investigation into her death. We have specially trained officers supporting her family at this very difficult time.

“Inquiries are now under way to establish how she died. A postmortem examination will be carried out in due course and this should give us more of an indication as to the cause of her death.


Both the woman and the suspect had traveled to Bestival from London.

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It was Louella Michie, daughter of actor John Michie. It sounds as if she overdosed, and the guy with her immediately contacted her parents as to where they were located in the woods. Meanwhile, the festival was being closed down, her friends couldn’t find her, her parents drove like mad from London to find her in the woods, only the festival arrangers seemed to find their story strange and wouldn’t let them look, the festival people finally went to the GPS location and she was dead. Then the police hauled the guy away, who had stayed with her all the while.

Also there were poisonous (?) pills being circulated at the event. (Similar to “Stay away from the orange acid” @ Woodstock)