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Katy Perry—a woman who has dressed like a literal piece of candy, a geisha, a carousel, a sexy whipped cream can, a movie ticket, dime store Cleopatra, a graffitied wall, Britney Spears circa 2001, Armie Hammer, an angel fit for the top of Christmas tree, and whatever this was, to name just a few—has a problem with Meghan Markle’s wedding dress.


I know what you’re doing: you’re holding your breath right now, anxiously anticipating Perry’s assessment of Markle’s dress, because it’s the kind of thumbs up or thumbs down that can just make or break a young fashionista’s career, right? Just kidding, of course you’re not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I would have done one more fitting,” Perry said to Entertainment Tonight. “I’m never not going to tell the truth! One more fitting, but I love you.” She added that Kate Middleton’s dress (a Grace Kelly-evoking but frankly boring Alexander McQueen gown) was better than Markle’s, which was a minimalist, long-sleeved Givenchy gown. “Kate won!” Perry said.


What on Earth would we do without the fashion criticism of Katy Perry, whose style has inspired countless designers of highly flammable, budget-bin Halloween costumes? I certainly don’t know!

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HARD disagree.

I am SURE someone has written an exhaustive hyper detailed breakdown of her gown down to which trees the silkworms that made the silk ate, but a quick look at the gown shows a likely un-stretchy duchesse type silk satin (no stretch), a portrait neckline, and with a sleeve length that is AFAIK dictated by the requirements of the church she’s being married in. So a stiff fabric that works well for severe structures in a very minimalist design (all darts, no gathers, and the skirt just gently flares out into that pretty trumpet shape). Her dress isn’t second skin fitted because she wouldn’t be able to breathe in a fabric that doesn’t stretch and in a gown that appears to be designed to be super sleek and modern. Even post ceremony she walks out with no wrinkles or weird shifting. I’d say that dress fits like a glove for the way it was designed and what it’s meant to look like. She also had an elaborate AF veil, and I get everyone’s like ‘Marrying a royal! Embroidery! Sparkles! Sequins! Pnina Tournay!” but Meghan doesn’t need that. Coz she gets to whip that veil back and have THAT face underneath it. Why gild the lily?

And then she turns up to the reception in that halter neck pure white clingier number? Modern AF, gorgeous.