Woman Who Killed Her Ex in Self-Defense Granted Clemency After 15 Years in Prison

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Photo: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

Ohio Governor John Kasich has finally commuted the sentence of a woman who killed her habitually abusive ex-boyfriend while he attacked her—after she’d already served 15 years in prison.


Thomia Hunter was convicted of murdering Andrew Harris in 2005, but it wasn’t until this last June that the Ohio Parole Board recommended clemency on the basis of evidence not presented at her trial.

Hunter testified that Harris, with whom she’d broken up a few months earlier, “attacked after he accused her of cheating on him. She said he beat her, choked her, poured hot sauce in her eyes and cut her with a knife before she stabbed him,” Cleveland.com reports. But new evidence related to battered woman’s syndrome—a subcategory of PTSD—apparently convinced the parole board that Hunter was telling the truth, and also that Hunter “proved she suffered prior domestic abuse at Harris’s hands, and that she genuinely feared for her life and had no way to escape his attack in the minutes before she stabbed him.” Too bad the jury didn’t feel the same way when they convicted her of murder and felonious assault in 2005, for which she was ordered life in prison.

Hunter’s lawyer, Tiffanny Smith, told reporters that “I hope that this case will help people understand that there is more to the story and we need to try to understand it all before passing judgment.”

Hunter will be released on July 15, pending her completion of a re-integration program.


mrs oh'please

A man can rape & kill a woman that he just saw...get 1yr in jail or no time at all.

A racist cop will murder an innocent black man on camera...goes on vacation

A man beats or kills a woman he thinks cheated...it’s called a crime of passion

A man rapes a woman he wants...it’s called a crime of passion

A woman, the victim of years of mental, physical, sexual abuse is literally being beaten to death, stabbed, cut, held hostage, raped & tortured kills in self defense...goes to jail for 15 years for the rest of her life.

A woman gets raped & impregnated...her rapist can ask for visitation.

A woman goes thru hell & no one cares about her story but let it be a man who has raped & murdered...and society will ask for his life story.