Woman Who Bought a Wafer-Less Kit Kat Wants a Lifetime Supply for Her Suffering

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Important candy news: a woman in London is taking a stand against Nestlé for having the audacity to subject consumers to a wafer-less Kit Kat bar.


No, I don’t live in London and this isn’t a story about me. Saima Ahmed, a 20-year-old sophomore at King’s College, was surprised when she bit into a Kit Kat bar in January, only to discover it lacked the delicious crunchy interior that makes a Kit Kat a Kit Kat. Appalling.

The only way to correct the error, she says, is with a lawsuit or—better yet—a lifetime supply of Kit Kats, which she requested in a letter to Nestlé, as anyone in that position would do.

Part of the letter reads:

The loss I have suffered is of monetary and emotional significance. I would like a full refund of the defective pack of Kit Kat I purchased. I have also lost my faith in Nestle.

Clearly, if I wanted to purchase a confectionary item that is purely chocolate, I would have purchased a bar of Galaxy. I would therefore like to request a life-long supply of Kit Kat so that I can act as a means of quality control — it appears you need me more than I need you.

Ahmed, who’s studying law, wants an apology from Nestlé for the “defective pack of Kit Kat,” especially seeing as how this seems to be a known issue among Kit Kat enthusiasts, dating back to who knows when.


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I actually think it would be to Kit Kat’s great benefit to introduce a bar with a higher wafer:chocolate ratio. I’m always nibbling the chocolate off the outside of the wafers to create this effect, but it would be much more efficient for me to just have a version with increased wafer volume.

I’m delighted I’ve finally found the appropriate forum to express this frustration I’ve been carrying around for at least the past 30 years.