This Halloween a woman in El Paso, Texas posted a sign on her lawn that said, "No blacks welcomed to trick-or-treat," and shockingly, she isn't Ann Coulter (in that case the sign would have read "Only our blacks welcomed to trick-or-treat.") Marta Martinez says she put up the sign because black people, including her neighbors, are conspiring to take her semi-abandoned property. She's also been seen yelling racial slurs while brandishing a rifle in her yard, and posted another no-trespassing sign that references a law that allows homeowners to use deadly force to defend themselves.

It may sound like Martinez is pretty racist, but she explains that isn't the case: "It hurt me to do it. I've worked with black women all my life. I've had black friends. ... I have treated blacks with respect and equality especially because they are a minority just like us. I find they have a problem with Mexicans. (Because) we come to their country and we are not familiar with the language and the law." You see, some of her best friends were black ... until she cooked up a looney conspiracy theory and started scaring their kids.

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