Woman Upset With Obama Apologizes After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Today in a L.A. Times op-ed, a woman who was so upset with President Obama for having "let down the struggling middle class" that she switched her registration from Democrat to Independent and altered her Obama bumpers sticker to read "Got Nope" is apologizing to the President. She says that while she was angered by Obama's plan, she's suddenly come to appreciate it, now that she's benefitting from it.


Two years ago, Spike Dolomite Ward and her husband had to choose between paying their mortgage or keeping their health insurance. They kept the house, and now at 49 Ward has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She didn't know how she'd afford months of expensive treatment, until he discovered the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan, which is part of Obama's healthcare plan. Now she's publicly "outed" herself in the hopes that she can teach Obamacare opponents that the uninsured aren't just lazy freeloaders. She writes:

What I want people to understand is that, if this could happen to us, it could happen to anybody. If you are fortunate enough to still be employed and have insurance through your employers, you may feel insulated from the sufferings of people like me right now. But things can change abruptly. If you still have a good job with insurance, that doesn't mean that you're better than me, more deserving than me or smarter than me. It just means that you are luckier. And access to healthcare shouldn't depend on luck.

Ward's right, and she deserves credit for admitting she was wrong. (Edit: To clarify, Ward felt Obamacare didn't do enough, but she's speaking to people who "are still lucky enough to have health insurance and view people like my family as irresponsible.") It's just a shame that most people who are rabidly against enabling all Americans to have healthcare coverage won't have a change of heart unless they're put in a similarly horrible situation.


I had to scroll up because I thought I was on Gawker with some of these comments. They make me want to cry after having an aunt that died from breast cancer and a mom that had a double mastectomy. How can some of you be so harsh as to think she deserves something because of her former stance on a public policy? People are wrong sometimes, and because of other influences in our lives, people support/not support things for different reasons. The fact that some of you are treating it like she deserves BREAST CANCER for merely not liking a policy is just, I don't know. I don't even know why it makes me so emotional that I want to cry, because I'm typically not like this, but holy shit. People can be so terrible.

Shame on some of you. She could probably say the same thing if you were to get breast cancer one day - that you deserved it for wishing it on someone else on an internet forum. However, she probably wouldn't do that seeing as how she's actually dealing with breast cancer and knows first hand how terrible it is. Talk about putting yourself in someone else's shoes. Ironic, don't you think?