Woman Trapped In Lawn Chair Saved By Paper Boy

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A freak accident that left a 75-year-old woman trapped outside in a canvas chair overnight has a happy ending thanks to the newspaper carrier). Last month Evelyn Rogers of Liberty Hill, Texas pulled a piece of plastic on the chair she was sitting in on her patio and it collapsed, trapping her in the aluminum frame. Her family had just gone on vacation, and there were no neighbors nearby, so she decided her only chance was to stay awake and wait for the paper delivery at 5 a.m. Ethan Mueller, 30, says he almost drove away after throwing the paper, but then he heard Rogers' Chihuahua barking "pretty furiously." He found Rogers, but couldn't free her, so he called 911 and held her hand until the ambulance arrived. Doctors later discovered that Rogers' kidneys had failed and she had a slight heart attack while in the chair. She's recovered and says of Mueller, "Little Ethan is my hero ... He saved my life, and he is part of my family now."


Sorcia MacNasty

1) All the "Let's bang 'little Ethan'!" comments are cracking me up. Carry on, troops.

2) Now I fear lawn furniture.

3) This story should be an android test. If you can read it without being moved, you might be an android.