A Pennsauken, New Jersey woman named Susan Stillwaggon has been telling friends, family and community members that her nine-year-old son was suffering from Stage Three Hodgkin's lymphoma. Plus she lied to the boy about it. If that first part wasn't fucked enough for you.

Stillwaggon has since been charged with charged with theft by deception, forgery, endangering the welfare of a child and using a child to commit a criminal offense. Before she was caught thanks to an anonymous tipster, Stillwaggon had accepted $3,500 in funds raised for the kid's treatment.

"There were events held," Pennsauken Detective Sgt. Cheryl Duffy told ABCNews.com. "There were probably 10 different people that organized some kind of something, be it a cupcake sale or those little Livestrong-type rubber bracelets. I've got kids walking around with canisters, and I've got Bingo events."

Local police believe that her husband, a truck driver who isn't home often, had no knowledge of Stillwaggon's scheme. She hasn't been arrested yet, but she's in psychiatric treatment, and her first court appearance is scheduled for May 2nd.

'New Jersey Mom Allegedly Told Son, 9, He Had Cancer As Part of a Scam' [ABC News]