Woman Targeted By Sheriff For 'Fuck Trump' Decal Says Fuck That Guy, Too


Karen Fonseca was arrested last Thursday on outstanding fraud charges, which came up after Sheriff Troy Nehls targeted her on Facebook for her “Fuck Trump” truck decal. She is now out of jail, and has an additional message for the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Nehls originally threatened to charge Fonseca with “disorderly conduct” after seeing the decal on her car, and encouraged followers to identity her on his personal Facebook page. Later, he deleted the post and tried to justify this attack on free speech in a press conference. Fonseca ended up in jail anyway, after someone ratted her out over an outstanding warrant.

Fonseca told reporters that she was skeptical about the timing of her arrest. “People abuse the badge, in my opinion, and money talks,” she said.

But she didn’t back down, and now she’s further exercising her right to free speech—and the generous canvas of her truck’s windows—with a new decal for the haters and losers. Fonseca posted a photo on Facebook of her truck, which now reads:

Yeah… Fuck Trump and fuck you for voting for him. Fuck Troy Nehls and fuck you for voting for him.

In a press conference on Monday, Fonseca and her attorney Ron Reynolds announced that they are considering a civil lawsuit against Nehls, reports KHOU:

“No matter what race, religion, or belief you may have, we are all equal. Not any one of us is any better than anyone else. Everyone’s voice should be heard. And I’m just one person,” mom Karen Fonseca said at the press conference.
“What are we teaching our next generation of presidents to be?… If you can say ‘grab those women by the p****,’” Fonseca said, referencing President Trump. “He says it and nobody deletes it.”

NBC affiliate KPRC reports that Nehls is aware of the decal saying “Fuck Nehls” and he is “not surprised” by it, and “thinks it’s disgusting.”

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