Woman Swimming To Key West From Cuba Forced To Stop Halfway

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Diana Nyad made it about halfway through her journey from Havana to Key West — 29 hours in the water — before she had to stop. According to CNN, she was vomiting when she was brought up into a boat.

Nyad, who is 61, struggled through ocean swells, shoulder pain and asthma Monday before she was forced to give up the 103-mile swim. Strong winds and less than ideal currents played into her decision, her team said.


Nyad says: "I am not sad. It was absolutely the right call." Her team, posting on her Twitter feed, reports that she is strong but disappointed, and says: "It's hard because I felt like I had it in me." Last night, they wrote that she was "surrounded by dolphins and a beautiful Caribbean sunset. But strong currents blew her 15miles off course." As of 8:30 this morning, she was eating scrambled eggs aboard the boat en route to Key West.

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I wouldn't file this under Aging. I'd file it under Badass Swimmer Lady.