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Woman Sues Ex For Lack Of Sex

Illustration for article titled Woman Sues Ex For Lack Of Sex

A Dubai woman is suing her ex-husband for an usual reason: during their marriage, he didn't have sex with her.

According to the Hindustan Times, the plaintiff says her husband made her quit her job, and took away her jewelry. But he didn't tell her he was impotent. When he hadn't slept with her after four months, she sued him for causing her "mental anguish." She's seeking almost $11 million.

The case is disturbing on its own, and would be especially upsetting if the genders were reversed — the idea that husbands are entitled to sex with their wives is behind a lot of excuses for marital rape. But of course, wives aren't entitled to sex with their husbands either, and the solution to the woman's problem seems to be a divorce (which she's already obtained), not a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. What's next — someone suing a partner for being bad in bed? Really, this case seems like a pretty great argument for premarital sex — or at least for discussing sexual issues before taking the plunge.


Woman Sues Ex-Hubby For Bad Sex [Hindustan Times]

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Mireille is sensational, like a She-Hulk

I'm pretty sure the genders were accidentally reversed here, because evo psych tells me men like sex and women like intimacy. I mean, if the husband was impotent, that's like the Liz Jones jackpot... Why would the wife be upset?