Woman Sues Employer Over “Mini-Skirt Mondays” And Other Fucked Up Days

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A woman in Utah is suing her former employer for subjecting her to their version of "Hawaiian shirt day," except by Hawaiian shirt, they mean something more along the lines of "Tube Top Tuesday."


Since remembering which day is which can be exhausting — "Is today Take Your Tits Out Tuesday or Throw Like A Girl While Gigging Tuesday?" the employer was kind of enough to include a "schedule":

The schedule given to 44-year-old Trudy Nycole Anderson included "Mini-skirt Monday," "Tube-top Tuesday," "Wet T-shirt Wednesday," "No bra Thursday" and "Bikini top Friday," according to a civil complaint filed this week in U.S. District Court against Derek Wright, the owner of Pleasant Grove-based Lone Peak Controls and D& L Electric Control Company.

During the former office manager's employment, her supervisor "repeatedly asked Ms. Anderson about her breast size and talked about her breasts in front of other employees."

He also allegedly asked the woman to show him her breasts and inquired about whether she shaved her pubic area, according to the complaint.

Wright allegedly slapped Anderson on her buttocks at least twice and asked the woman for oral sex on several occasions, the complaint states.

When she told her boss she needed to take time away from the office for a medical appointment, Wright allegedly told Anderson that he would "give her a mammogram for free," according to the complaint.
Wright also allegedly told Anderson he was installing a shower in the office so the two could shower together and offered her a recipe for "sex cake," the complaint states.

In addition, Wright purchased a product that he sprayed around the office, saying it was "meant to arouse women."

Obviously, the question here isn't why this woman filed the suit (and if it is, please re-read virtually every single word above) but considering how openly horrible this woman claims her employer was —and the fact that it's likely her boss had been this way for years— the question might be "How long had he been able to get away with this?"

(And yes, in Utah of all places.)

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Kat Callahan

Wow. If ever a case was a TEXTBOOK example of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, this is it.

Can you say hostile work environment? I knew you could!