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When her fellow passengers on a Welsh train started lobbing sexist taunts, Lisa Robinson took matters into her own hands.


According to the BBC, Robinson and her family were riding back from Cardiff when a group of drunk football fans started yelling "sexist chants" at another woman. When Robinson complained, she says, "their chanting became directly to me and it became sexist and quite obscene." She asked the train's driver to call the police, but he refused, so she got off the train and onto the track, where she remained until the police were called and train service was terminated. Robinson says, "This is my community, this is my village. We're not going to be bullied and certainly for women and families, they should be able to travel on the train in peace and quiet and go about their business without being bullied like that."

The British Transport Police they are investigating the incident and may punish the football fans. And, says MP Wayne David, "No member of the public should be subject to abuse of this kind and it must never happen again." It's nice to see the authorities taking Robinson's side here — while we don't necessarily condone standing on train tracks, her protest did achieve its desired effect. The football fans were clearly comfortable claiming public attention for their taunts and chants, and Robinson went ahead and claimed it right back. And though her method may not have been the safest, it was pretty badass.


Woman On Track Halts Train After Cardiff Fans' Abuse [BBC]

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People seriously do not care and will verbally rip you to shreds in front of your child. I once told a guy to "shut up" on the train- he was spewing just the most horrid homophobic crap on a crowded subway train, speaking in disgusting graphic sexual terms ("you better stick your d—k in a pu—y so you don't become a fa—ot" was perhaps the most tame) right in front of my kid, talking about my kid. The guy's GF (whom I had not noticed) whirls around and starts threatening to "cut my dyke ass up" and threatening to push me and my child off the train. Whoops, sorry, I didn't realize y'all were crazy. It was seriously the only time I have been scared for my life in NYC. Ever. And I nearly bumped into them again a couple months later, but I was able to change cars before they noticed me.

So yeah, Lisa Robinson, you're my kind of lady.