Police are searching for a woman who walked into a Denver pet store and walked out with a 9-week-old pug in her arms. I mean, I get it: as a child, I was beside myself when it was time to say goodbye to the baby animals after a visit to our local Guppies To Puppies. But stealing puppies as a fully-grown adult? Pretty despicable.


It was a classic distraction: Lady #1 inquires about the pug to the store owner and holds the puppy. Then Lady #2 steps in to inquire about kittens, and Lady #1 flees the store. What makes this story even worse is the likelihood that crime was committed not out of an adoration of puppies, but for money. The puppy's price tag was a hefty $1,200, and given the concerning statistic about dog theft going up by 32% this year, the crime raises a few red flags that could indicate the reselling of purebred dogs, as well as puppy trafficking.

Woman Caught On Camera Stealing $1,200 Pug Puppy [HuffPo]

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