Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend for Starting Thanksgiving Dinner without Her

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I guess this year I am grateful for not being anywhere near this woman for Thanksgiving.

Jacklyn Blake, a 47-year-old Pennsylvania woman has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, simple assault, reckless endangerment and making terroristic threats (I'm very interested in what she could have said.) after police say she stabbed her boyfriend in the chest with a knife. Apparently she was drunk earlier in the day, took a nap to sleep it off, and woke up to find her boyfriend munching on the spread while she was asleep. And that's when she flew into a rage.

After the woman stabbed her boyfriend, she threw the knife and hit him below the eye. He has been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.


Listen. I'd be mad too. And then I'd cry and eat the anger away because that's basically how I deal with most emotional issues. Actually, I probably wouldn't be that mad at all because Thanksgiving just isn't my thing, and if you're hungry, you're hungry, but I'd still probably cry and eat my non-anger away.

Anyway, why she thought it was anywhere near a good idea to stab her boyfriend ANYONE EVER, is beyond me, and I hope in the very least, her boyfriend got out of that relationship faster than she could slur "cornucopia."

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Last night I wish somebody stabbed me. My mother in law said: "I consider myself a progressive but why can't lesbians dress better? They aren't doing themselves any favors by trying to look like men. They should look more feminine and who knows, maybe they will catch the eye of a man and become straight. Isn't lebianism largely a phase?" She looked at me and said with a straight face "Isn't your sister a gay lesbian?". Her boyfriend/life partner of 14 years recently died. She shaved her head in support. When I told her that, she responded with "At her age she can't afford to wait for a man. Let her know she needs a makeover. All women her age needs a makeover and if she can afford it, plastic surgery".

The reason I am not in jail right now is because of my love for my husband, my kids and my sister. I am a model of restraint.