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Woman Sends Peanut Butter-Coated Letter To Ex's Allergic Wife

Illustration for article titled Woman Sends Peanut Butter-Coated Letter To Exs Allergic Wife

A Michigan woman who's extremely allergic to peanuts wants police to file assault charges against her husband's ex-wife for sending her a letter smeared with peanut butter. Last week the woman found a letter in her mail box with oil soaking through the envelope, and a warning that it contained peanut products. Police say they can't prove the ex-wife intended to harm her, even though she admits this wasn't the accidental byproduct of her love for PBJs. The ex-wife's totally reasonable explanation: She gave the bill a sticky and potentially deadly coating to prevent her ex-husband's wife from reading mail that didn't concern her.


Image via Danny Smythe/Shutterstock.

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Thermos Maker, VIP

How long before a bill banning peanut butter is introduced?