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Woman Says No One Helped Her When a Man Repeatedly Punched Her in Front of a Downtown LA Crowd

Illustration for article titled Woman Says No One Helped Her When a Man Repeatedly Punched Her in Front of a Downtown LA Crowd
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A woman says a man repeatedly punched in her in Downtown Los Angeles last week. And though the incident happened in front of a crowd, she says, not a single person offered to help.


According to NBC Los Angeles, the unidentified woman was out with her friend on Friday night when they came across a man arguing with a street vendor over the price of a hot dog. When she tried to intervene, she says, the man punched her and her friend several times, knocking them to the ground. Someone caught the incident on video, and the LAPD’s Twitter account posted it online:


Both the woman and her friend suffered minor injuries, and were treated at a local hospital before being released. It is unclear why the man punched them. And what’s more unclear, the woman said, is why onlookers were laughing and cheering during the attack instead of stepping in to stop it.

“It upsets me nobody did anything,” she said.

It would be nice if humans were better than this, but.


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I am generally a person who helps.

I’m haunted by the memory of being 7 months pregnant (after 2 miscarriages) and outside of a clinic, witnessing a man screaming at a woman, waving his fist over her as she cowered. For the first time in my life, I was scared to intervene and said to 3 older men outside “is someone going to help her?” No one answered, they averted my eyes. I ran inside and reported the situation to a female receptionist who ran outside (in winter with no coat) to help. By that time the pair were gone.

If able it should be our duty to help one another.