Woman Quits Job in the Most Awesome and Meta Way Ever

If you're fantasizing about quitting your shitty job, this video by disgruntled employee Marina Shifrin will be like fantasy catnip.

Until very very recently, Shifrin worked for Next Media Animation, the company that produces those Taiwanese animation videos where a bunch of Sims run around crying about current events. For two years, she loved her job so much that she gave up practically everything for it, but recently things have changed. Her boss has stopped caring about creative work and now only cares about pageviews.

So Shifrin quit. Not only that, but she quit by posting a video to YouTube that has racked up a view count of over 700,000.


Way to get down to get out, girl.

[The Daily Dot]

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When I was an Americorps volunteer, I called the state office and had a conversation that went like this:

"I really need to be switched to a new organizations. I don't feel I am a good fit here, but I am committed to the ideals of Americorps and want to continue my service."

"We don't do that very often. Could you be more specific."

"I just am not a good fit here. They do not seem to have enough work for me and yet I am expected to be in the office 40 hours per week and to work tabling and recruitment events on evenings and weekends. I am present 60-70 hours a week, but I don't have work to do. I get the sense they do not need me and cannot utilize my skills. Plus, there are 2 other volunteers. I would like to be somewhere with work to do."

"That just doesn't seem like enough of a reason."

"Ok, how about the fact that this job pays me 725 a month and that isn't enough money to buy the amount of alcohol I need to drink to forget how much I hate working here."


The next day, my manager pulled me into an office, asked me to gather my stuff and get out. Within the week, I had a part time barista job that paid twice as much. Sorry 'bout it.