Woman Murdered After Escaping Captor Who Kept Her In a Box For Months

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Earlier this month, Sandra Kay Sutton escaped the Sedalia, Missouri, home of ex-boyfriend James B. Horn after being held captive in a wooden box for four months. Though Horn was quickly charged with “kidnapping, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon,” he went missing soon after. Today KMBC is reporting the terrible news that Sutton and her 17-year-old son Zachary were found in their family’s home, “dead from gunshot wounds.”

Sedalia police have “identified the suspect” as James B. Horn.

After seeing a man they believed to be Horn “walking to some nearby, mostly abandoned, homes in Sedalia,” police began using robots to search the homes for signs of him. As of this afternoon, he has not been found.

“They are looking at more than one residence over there.” said Lt. Sonny Lynch of the Clinton Police Department. “They believe he may be inside one of those houses.”


Lt. Lynch also said that Sutton “had been advised to seek an order of protection against Horn but had not yet done so.” Not surprising for someone who had gone through that amount of physical and emotional trauma.

Residents are being advised not to approach Mr. Horn, and to contact police immediately if he’s seen.

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An order of protection wouldn’t have prevented him from murdering her.