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On Monday, at around 1:20 pm, a woman waiting on an subway platform in Times Square was pushed in front of southbound 1 train and killed.

The woman suspected of shoving her was taken into custody by police. The New York Post describes the alleged assailant, saying she was wearing a pink shirt and scarf and appeared to be in her mid-twenties. One MTA worker arrived at the scene says that police led her from the station and she had “her head was up—kinda proud of what she did.”


He added, “When I first arrived the train was out of service. And the NYPD and FDNY were evacuating people from the 2 train.”

DNA Info reports that several trains are still being re-routed past the station. They’re continuing to investigate the altercation. It is unknown if the unidentified victim, who CBS News reports was 49-years-old, knew her attacker.

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