Woman Kayaks Down 82-Foot Waterfall • Drew Peterson May Make Bail

Christie Glissmeyer has set a new record for tallest waterfall kayaked. On Sunday, she beat the record of 78-feet by kayaking over the 82-foot Metlako Falls. •

• Remember that singing cat video from awhile back? Here is another video from the same dudes, which teaches normal guys how to get their cats to yodel. • WTF: A teacher from Miami has been arrested on charges of assaulting his students. Jean E. Dorvel reportedly kicked a kindergartner in the face for going to the bathroom without permission. • Although women play key roles as cast members and choreographers, few have made it as stage directors. The Washington Post covers the dearth of female directors, and the notable few who have made it big. • Speaking of female choreographers, Judith Mackrell for the Guardian worries that their numbers are actually dwindling. She argues that modern dance used to be virtually run by women, but in recent years, men have taken center stage. • A green tree frog from Australia is recovering well after undergoing surgery. The frog was injured when he was run over by a lawnmower, but vets anticipate a full recovery. • Ernie Raines, father of Drew Peterson's live-in fiance, says that Peterson may have enough money to cover the $20 million bail bond. What? How? • The CDC announced yesterday that pregnant woman with swine flu should get flu medicine Tamiflu immediately, although it is not normally recommended for women who are in the family way. • Spain's Queen Sofia has asked the Barcelona zoo to move Susi, their only elephant, into a larger pen. • Meet Sunitha Choudhury. Five years ago, she became New Delhi's first female cab driver, and now she is running for parliaments. She says she wants to go into politics so that she can protect the poor. •


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