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A Somali woman who'd been sentenced to one year in prison for "offending state institutions" by alleging she was raped by security forces has been cleared of all charges by a Somali court. A journalist who interviewed her about the alleged rape (who'd also been convicted of offending those apparently touchy state institutions) had his sentence reduced, but will still languish in jail for six months.

In other words, a gross injustice on the part of the Somali justice system has been ameliorated — now, it's simply a regular old injustice. A Somali court had earlier ruled that the woman had not been raped based on the testimony of a midwife who performed the ever-reliable "finger test." Abdiaz Abdinur Ibrahim, the 25-year-old journalist who was detained in January for, according to Somali police, collecting material on rape in camps for displaced people, was convicted for interviewing the woman about the alleged rape. Human Rights Watch, meanwhile, has publicly criticized the decision to keep Abdiaz Abdinur in jail for reporting that sexual assault, an actual crime, is distressingly prevalent in Somalia.


Somali woman cleared in ‘false rape' case [BBC]

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I want to say that the writers of Jezebel and the readers of Jezebel do not give a shit about this woman or her plight. You use her as a prop, much like you do Quvenzhane Wallis, to talk about how this can further your own goals. In Wallis' case, it was about how a little girl being called a cunt could further a reclamation of the word. In this case, it is give you all motivation lest you see similar rape laws and practices codified into law here. You do not care about this woman. You don't even use her name in the article. She is faceless to you, because all black people are faceless to you.

I ask of the writers to never post anything having to do with black people on this site ever again. We understand, especially after the Wallis controversy (or as Katie but it, "the distraction") that our voices are not welcome here. We get it. This is one of the numerous spaces for white women to have their day.

I urge any PoC reading this to go over to Racialicous if you want real news that cares about your voice. There you will actually have people who look like you writing about your experiences instead of these writers, who fumble around in the dark.

Thank you.