A woman in Québec was recently arrested after posting a photo to Instagram, because Jesus fucking Christ, says the police, do we really need another filtered photograph of a girl with pastel-colored nail polish holding a cup cake? Put her in jail and throw away the key!

In reality, 20-year-old Montreal artist Jennifer Pawluck was arrested after instagramming a photo of some street art ‚ÄĒ street art that she herself did not create ‚ÄĒ that depicted Montreal police spokesperson Ian Lafreni√®re with a bullet wound in his head and the acronym "ACAB" standing for "All Coppers Are Bastards."

Pawluck, who told Huffington Post Québec that she didn't even know who Lafrenière is, posted the photo several days ago and was arrested in her home at 10:30am on Wednesday.

"Many of my friends do not like the police," she said. "I thought it would be funny to put the picture on Instagram."

After being arrested on a warrant alleging that she acted with intent to harass Lafreniere and gave him reason to fear for his safety, Pawluck was detained at the police station and questioned for four hours. She will stand trial on April 17th and is currently not allowed within 1,000 yards of the police headquarters or Lafrenière's home.


Yo, Canada, if you're gonna start arresting people for the pictures they post on Instagram, maybe you want to start with this kid?

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