Woman Has Heart Attack While Getting Wisdom Teeth Out, Falls Into Coma

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I've heard some pretty harrowing wisdom teeth tales, but this is terrifying. A 23-year-old mother of two, identified as Kristen Tavares, went to the dentist to get all four wisdom teeth taken out. At some point during the procedure, Tavares suffered a heart attack. According to Tavares' boyfriend Chauncey Prudencio, ""She went into cardiac arrest and they had to use a defibrillator and shocked her, stunned her heart."

She was then flown to Maui Medical Center, where she remains unresponsive and on life support. The surgery was performed by Dr. John Stover, a medical doctor and cosmetic surgeon. The doctor, who has had four complaints lodged against him ranging from malpractice to not using professional conduct, has not commented on the situation which is not currently being investigated.

This is particularly sad in light of the dental-related death of three-year-old Finley Boyle in January. Ugh, what is going on?


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"Ugh, what is going on?"

Um, the internet, that's what is going on. Dental surgeries, like all surgeries, have always come with risk. There have always been serious complications and or deaths with wisdom teeth extractions, though, they are extremely rare. The only difference now is that we all see articles pointing out these rare circumstances as some sort of horrific injustice caused by someone. The proliferation of instant information is driving people into a state of paranoia when it comes to illnesses, violence, etc.

What has happened to Kristen Tavares is terrible, if not tragic, but nothing out of the ordinary is "going on."