After realizing she Tinder-matched with the world’s most hated pharma bro, Martin Shkreli, a woman named Jacklyn Collier says she went on a real-life date with him. Collier describes the rendezvous in detail on the Washington Post, and admitted she had a “pretty good time.” In the words of the great Denise Hemphill from Scream Queens, “AH, SAY WHAT NOW?”

It gets even better weirder. Collier says after Shkreli proved that the profile wasn’t a fake, by sending “a selfie along with photos of his credit card and driver’s license,” she agreed on a date, mostly because she was curious. “I wanted to be open-minded and meet the man behind the hype,” she wrote. When planning the date, Collier described Shkreli as the “most considerate Tinderfella” she had encountered. Hmm?

They met at a restaurant, which offers a rare Japanese tea for the sweet price of $120. The two joked about the cost of the tea and the date progressed, but when they were finished with dinner, Shkreli ended up ordering the tea. “This was the most surprising and jarring moment of the night,” Collier wrote. “I know he’s a multimillionaire, but I thought we were on the same page about this tea.”

Collier refused his offer of ordering a cup for herself. When she asked Shkreli if he liked the tea, he replied, “I’m not really a big tea drinker.” Yes, because Shkreli just likes flashing his cash; he doesn’t really spend it on anything he really likes — whether it’s some rare-ass tea or a $2 million Wu-Tang album.


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