Woman Gives Birth Under Her Christmas Tree On Christmas Day

A woman in Tasmania was wrapping presents by her Christmas tree when she got a very special surprise gift: a baby girl! She went into labor on Christmas Eve, of all times, and by the time the ambulance arrived she was too far along to be taken to the hospital. So she had the baby right there under the tree! Her daughter was delivered at 12:06 on Christmas Day.

Luckily everything went smoothly, and perhaps the best part of the whole story is that one of the paramedics was wearing a pair of antlers during the delivery. How festive! No word on what the little bundle of holiday joy has been named, but let's hope they went for something that marks the special way she came into the world. Rudolph, Santa, and Douglas Fir are probably too masculine for a girl, but how about a name like Spruce, or Tinsel, or something really obvious, like Christmas?


Surprise Gift As Baby Born Under Christmas Tree [ABC]

Image via topseller/Shutterstock.

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