Woman Gives Birth To Twins — One "White" & One "Black"

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If you know someone who still doesn't understand that race is a construct, go ahead and forward them the story about Carole Fraser — and her twins — from The Mirror.


Little Daniel and Martha are brother and sister — they're not black or white; they're both. Or neither. There's all this stuff in the piece about the children being "unusual" and how the chances of having babies of different colors is "a million to one." But as anyone from a racially mixed family will tell you, there are all kinds of skin tones and possibilities and green eyes and ranges of hair texture that can occur. But our society has a short memory, and it's like decades of Mediterranean trade, the Moorish invasion, Imitation Of Life, Fredi Washington, the sons and daughters of Sally Hemings, everyone in Pudd'nhead Wilson, Alexadre Dumas never happened! After all this time, we're still nervously attempting to slap labels on people whose dare to fall outside of strict ethnic boundaries.

Hence, this from Ms. Fraser:

We were stopped by a group of Japanese tourists the other day… They were fascinated and took a lot of photos of them.

Treated like oddities! So ridiculous. Let's not forget that all humans share a common ancestor, and she's African.

My Million To One Black And White Twins! [Mirror]


House Milkshaker of Daftbollocks

Japanese tourists are fascinated by my long natural blonde hair too. I wouldn't confuse genuine curiosity and unfamiliarity with people 'treated as oddities'. Mixed race twins would be very unusual in Scotland (we are a pretty homogenous country still). Same why my blonde hair is rare in Japan.

I don't understand the hostility with this story actually. If you read the Mirror version - it's actually a really nice tale about a family struggling to have children and succeeding. Positive stories about mixed-race couples are thin on the ground lately (see Cheryl and Ashley Cole) so it's nice to see one that isn't involving famous hysterical people. Thanks for putting a spin on it, Jezebel. You equal the Mirror (notorious UK tabloid) in that regard. Yes - the quotes about salt and pepper are ridiculous but I blame a lot of that on the Rita Skeeter style reporting.

Also - the people involved in the story are nothing to do with the USA or France or all those things you mention. Why would they know it? So decades of Mediterranean trade (loose term thought that may be - or perhaps centuries is more accurate) - means what? The Moorish invasion (of where?) is I assume you mean Moorish Iberia which was a great deal more than an 'invasion'. Imitation Of Life, Fredi Washington, the sons and daughters of Sally Hemings, everyone in Pudd'nhead Wilson, Alexadre Dumas - may be unrelated to their actual cultural background. Give them a break.