It's not often you hear a romantic story that involves a toilet, but here goes! A couple in Montana, Donna and Terry Claver, recently got the surprise of a lifetime when their engagement ring came back to them β€” almost by magic β€” 36 years after it went missing and was presumed dead. The drama began when Donna took her pink sapphire engagement ring off and set it on top of the toilet in their bathroom. The ring slid down into the bowl and somehow got stuck inside a hole at the bottom of the toilet. Donna and Terry tried to rescue the ring, but there was no getting it out of there without destroying the toilet β€” which they didn't want to do because they couldn't afford to buy a new toilet.

In 1975, they sold the house to new owners who had no idea it came with a free engagement ring. Then by chance β€” and what exactly are the chances?! β€” Terry happened to be working on a roof across the street from his former home one day, and he saw the owners taking a broken toilet outside. He went over and asked if he could have it. They must have been very curious about why he was so eager to take it, but they handed it over nevertheless.

He carted it home, cracked the sucker open, and there sat the ringβ€”still good after 36 years in the shitter! Donna didn't know what Terry had been up to until he asked her to marry him for a second time and brought out the shiny relic of their earlier life. (Hopefully after giving it a good scrub first.) Donna was beyond surprised and gives this adorable account of what happened next: "We cried and we laughed. We giggled and danced. It was great."

Yes, she must have been positively flushed with excitement and totally bowled over.


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Image via Hallgerd/Shutterstock.