Woman Gets Death Threats for Tweeting About Disliking A Dude's Shirt

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Historic news: a space probe landed on a comet 310 million miles from Earth! Let's celebrate by tweeting insults and death threats at a female science and tech writer! Wait, what? Why is that always how the Internet celebrates everything?


The Philae probe touched down on the comet yesterday, making a bumpy landing, but still successfully sending back the first images we've ever seen of a comet's surface. One of the scientists involved, Matt Taylor of the European Space Agency's Rosetta Project, decided to give an interview about the probe while wearing a polo shirt festooned with colorful images of scantily-clad cartoon ladies.

Yes, it's just a shirt, whatever. But it's also not the smartest choice to show that the STEM fields are a super welcoming place for women. And that's what Rose Eveleth pointed out, a science and tech writer and producer for The Atlantic and a bunch of other places. She tweeted the above rebuke, a pretty mild one, and was promptly met with all of this mess:


There's more, but you get the idea. Great job continuing to be awful, everyone. Really Grade A work.

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Here's my question; did no one at the ESA not think, "Perhaps I should tell the guy who's going to be on camera, answering questions from reporters and being transmitted all around the world as the face of our agency, that his shirt is inappropriate?"