Woman Files Police Report Claiming She Was Assaulted By Mohamed Hadid and Guess Co-Founder Paul Marciano

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Two weeks after publicly accusing Mohamed Hadid of sexual assault, and Guess co-founder Paul Marciano of playing a part in the assault, 23-year-old model Miranda Vee has spoken to LAPD detectives and filed a police report with the help of her attorney, Lisa Bloom.

In a statement given to Page Six, Bloom said the report alleged “sexual assault” against both Marciano and Hadid, but added that she and Vee were asked not to give additional details to the press.

In her original Instagram post from February 2, Vee wrote:

“I met with paul at his @guess headquarters that is actually a apartment where he sexually harassed me & after that passed me on to his friend [Mohamed] who was going to meet me for ‘coffee.’


I thought it was a professional meeting but It was just me, him & champagne where he date raped me in a apartment. All to get a test shoot for guess. LAST year when I [tried] to speak out about it they found out & made me sign a NON-disclosure agreement & I only agreed to sign because paul threatened me & said he would get me disappeared if I ever say anything. #TIMESUP Why should we have to stay quiet because they have the power? #METOO.”


Last week, model Kate Upton told Time that she too was once sexually assaulted by Marciano. “Paul came straight up to me, forcibly grabbed my breasts and started feeling them — playing with them actually,” she said. “After I pushed him away, he said, ‘I’m making sure they’re real.’”

Hadid and Marciano have denied all the models’ claims.

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Shit. I hope this girl has a good support system and she deletes all of her social media accounts, or at least doesn’t look at them for awhile. Because, and I really hope I’m wrong, I am sure all of the crazy stans of Gigi and Bella are going to flood her with the most vile abuse for going public with this. I hope she is able to get some justice and peace with this and it doesn’t end up being even more traumatizing. But she is right, there is no reason she should have to stay quiet and she is being quite brave.