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Woman Facing Sixth DUI Shows up to Court Drunk

If you've already been convicted of drunk driving a bunch of times, you might consider showing up to court sober? Sobriety impresses judges! Then again, you can also take the road chosen by Sandra Uher of Elgin, Illinois and try to impress the judge with your commitment to drunkenness. [Gawker


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Baberaham Lincoln

I used to work with a guy who had a Blow-N-Go in his car because of all his DUIs. He'd pound Bud Lights all day and then get another waitress to start his car. A high school kid in my town was killed last week by a drunk driver. Sucks.

But it's interesting: I grew up in suburban SoCal (car mecca, where you drive EVERYWHERE) and live in NYC now. I only ever drink in NYC where I take public trans - when I visit home, I don't touch a drop because the likelihood that I'll have to operate a motor vehicle at any time is too great. It's easy to see how drunk driving happens in the suburbs or rural areas, because there's no other way to get to the bars. I know, DD and all that, but people fuck up. It really shows how good public transportation can help alleviate drunk driving accidents. I get so annoyed when I visit places where the public stops running before the bars close.